Small and Convenient Z-Wave Compatible DC Shade Control Module

The Cooper Wiring Devices RFSCMDC1 Aspire RF Shade Control Module is a great retrofit solution for your motorized shade or screen project. Providing control for DC Motorized window shades, awnings, and screens, it does the job well with it’s super small casing which provides excellent versatility and gives you plenty of mounting options.With two easy to use buttons for control and easy integration with Z-Wave, you’ll be up and running in no time.
DC Shade Control Module

Additional Features

  • Exclusive auto calibration feature during Z-Wave inclusion process, saves time on job
  • Allows for custom intermediate stops as a percentage of shade travel
  • Supports tilt function on horizontal blinds and tilt-only shades
  • Less than 1W power consumption provides energy saver solution
  • Load monitoring for status updates
  • Single motor control
  • Safety timeout
  • LED indication of Z-Wave communication; LED can be disabled
  • Can be included in Scenes and Events
  • Can be controlled by up to 5 devices through device association feature
  • Single button programming
  • All on/all off inclusion
  • Power failure memory
  • Embedded with reliable Z-Wave intelligent wireless technology
  • 24V power supply can support up to 3 shade control modules

Additional Info

Owners Manual

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Leviton Wireless 2 Channel Shade Controller for Shades and Blinds

The Good

  • Receives wireless RF signals from your LevNet RF Transmitters
  • Robust 315MHz RF signal with a range between 50-150 feet
  • Self powered control needs no wiring or batteries
  • Controls up to two different shade motors

The Bad

  • Works only with the LevNet series of transmitters
  • May be prone to RF signal interference

Leviton is well known for it’s lighting controls and switches, and have made home automation installers take notice with it’s new 2 channel shade controller system, LevNet.

Leviton 2 Channel Shade Controller

This product is the controller, which receives signal and power directly from the transmitter. That’s right, no batteries or wiring are needed at all which significantly cuts back on install time. Just install the transmitter as normal into the switch j-box and the controller “harvests” power using technology licensed from EnOcean. The rest of the LevNet line includes occupancy sensors, lighting controls, etc.

We tested the WS0RC-S00 LevNet RF 2 Channel Shade Controller running two Somfy motors on a recent retrofit job in a bathroom where wiring was a problem and the homeowner decided they didn’t want to have to worry about changing batteries.

This system was perfect for this application, and while we only used it to control one shade, we can say set up was a breeze and the system responded well to the transmitter commands (wall switch) without any interruption.

The controlled environment of the install didn’t make for any interference, but we have seen radio systems react badly to RF interference to other home control systems or common household devices in the past, and this one should be no different.

For an affordable and easy to use retrofit solution, the Leviton Wireless 2 Channel Shade Controller seems to be a winner.

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Manufacturer Leviton
Manufacturer Product No. WS0RC-S00
UPC 078477484760
Range 50-150 feet
Radio Frequency 315MHz
Power Supply Input Rating 8-30 VDC, 40 mA
Output Rating 0-30VDC, 130mA max
Relay Driver 30 VDC max, 100 mA max
Dimensions 2.88” W x 1.30” H x 0.67” D (73.15mm x 33.02mm x 17.02mm)
Channels 0-in/2-out
Antenna Attached whip antenna (5.85”)
Radio Certification FCC (United States) SZV-TCM2XXC IC (Canada) 5713A-TCM2XXC
Warranty Manufacturer 5 year limited

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Easy Home Installation of a Motorized Drapery Controller from Add-A-Motor

Add-A-Motor’s Model 80 Blind and Drapery controller isn’t by any means the pinnacle of home automation excellence, but it gets the job done at a very affordable price. Installation is a snap, retrofitting your existing blinds and shades to work as an easy to operate motorized system.

There’s really not too much more to it! An AC Adapter with a 9ft cord comes with it, and you can easily add your own control mechanism… any simple plug in timer, a Butler RF remote, or the X10 home control system.

We found this system to be a little bit noisy, but the ease of install makes it a no-brainer. There’s not electrical work needed, the mechanism is flush-mounted to the wall next to your window. It should also be noted the unit holds the control cord taut, making it certified for child safety standards.

We were able to easily install this system with both a drapery track and vertical blinds. With drapery you can open and close a curtain up to 15 feet wide with a center open of up to 30 feet. On vertical blinds you can rotate the blinds to any angle you desire, and it can traverse blinds up to 15 feet wide with a center open of up to 30 feet. With two motors you could both traverse and rotate.

We’d imagine a system like this would be best utilized for opening and closing blinds for the beginner home automation enthusiast, and would be best suited for running window coverings on a timer for the disabled or elderly.