Curtains Making A Comeback

Curtains in general have fallen out of fashion somewhat in recent years, with model flat panels and rollershades being the order of the day for many designers and architects, but this week Anne Marie Chaker reports in the Wall Street Journal that many interior designers are looking to women’s fashion to create windows with real sex appeal.

Translucent, softly layered window treatments are showing up in urban and suburban homes as energy- and cost-efficient alternatives to old-fashioned drapes and blinds. These neutral-toned window treatments feature clean lines and literally no frills—and no puddles, swags, jabots (cascade of ruffles) or lambrequins (decorative valances), either.

The article goes on to address heat reduction and solar protection for large windows through combining sheer curtains with either uv window film or solar shades.

The owner had window film applied, followed by white “sheer-weave” motorized solar shades to filter light but leave the view intact. Shades operating by wall-mounted controls disappear into a recessed ceiling pocket when not in use. Sheer, white-wool side panels hang in room corners and “soften the overall effect”.

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