Motorized Blackout Shades

Protecting your privacy and having the chance to block the sun from getting into your home are becoming two basic needs that everybody needs at their houses. Blackout shades are the only kind of shades that completely darken your room, allowing you to sleep properly during daylight if needed. They are also very convenient for preventing your rooms from overheating during hot summer days.

When a blackout shade is entirely closed, there is no light gap around the edge of the shade. How is this accomplished? By using a special channel that captures the edge of the shade. Even though these channels add some cost to the project, making blackout shades a bit more expensive than most other shades types, it’s the only way in which total darkness can be achieved for the room.

Blackout shades were first used in England during World War II to hide the interior light of buildings from German planes. The thing was that if a German pilot saw any light inside a building, he was very likely to bomb the place. So, by setting up blackout shades and not letting the light from the interior be seen from the outside, people were saving their lives. Of course that World War II is long gone, and this particular benefit that made people think about creating blackout shades in the first place no longer applies, but there are still three significant factors that make having blackout curtains at your home a great idea.

First, as said before, blackout shades completely block light. They are considered to prevent around 99% of the light. This is very important, for example, if you work during the night. You may be suffering from health issues because of your unusual sleep schedules. By having blackout shades, you can quickly create a night ambiance and sleep like a baby.

Secondly, blackout shades are also known for blocking noise. Around 40% of the noise from the outside can be hindered by blackouts, considerably reducing the noise volume that gets into your room. This becomes particularly important if you live in an apartment in the center of the city, where sounds from cars, buses, or groups of people hanging out at night make it difficult for you to sleep as you should.

Finally, blackouts can block light and prevent overheating in the summer, and also can make heat stay inside in the winter. This helps you reduce your utility bills by a very considerable margin. From 10% to 25% of thermal energy loss goes out through the windows, so having blackout shades can reduce the loss by 25%!

Now, you’ve probably already decided that blackout shades is what you need right now, but have you considered the possibility of getting a motorized blackout shades system?

Technology keeps going forward year after year, whether we notice it or not. And there’s been a growing demand for interconnected and smart living environments that have contributed to raising a popular excitement in automatic homes.

It’s not rare these days to find houses on which you can set the specific temperature you want, control your refrigerator, etc., with just one or two buttons on a remote control. Or even without a remote, some smart homes have the chance of designing a specific configuration for things to work automatically by themselves without you even being at home.

When it comes to controlling shades, it’s no exception. Motorized shades systems are very popular at the moment. So, probably getting some motorized blackout shades is the best option for you at the moment.

Several different reasons make motorized blackout shades an excellent choice for fulfilling your needs. Regarding safety, you simply forget about cables and cords that can represent a danger for your children. No cords at all, just pressing a button make the shades change their position. This is also helpful regarding practicality since you no longer have to deal with cords getting all tangled up and making a mess.

Another plus of getting a motorized system like this is how stylish it looks. You can start turning your home into a smart, automated place on which things can be managed with a remote control. Considering the whole concept of homes is moving towards automation, it seems to be a good idea to start moving your house towards that. Apart from the possibility of controlling everything with your remote, most motorized blackout shades can also be set to shift themselves to specific positions even if you’re not at home. You can program each one of them to open, close, or move to one specific intermediate position automatically at a certain time of the day.

And what should you consider when looking for motorized blackout shades? Well, the first and most important thing is the motor. They can vary significantly regarding the cost, and ultimately being the major factor that defines the cost of the whole system. We recommend spending a little more but making this a smart investment. These are delicate things and the motors in the lower end of the price range tend to get damaged pretty soon, so you’d probably end up spending less by making a bigger initial investment. Besides, it’s usually the case that more expensive motors also come with a much better warranty and customer service, so you can simply call if you encounter any problem with the system and the manufacturer will take care of it.

Finally, another important thing regarding the motor is whether it is silent or not. It may seem rather irrelevant at first, but it makes a huge difference. You will be changing the position of the shades pretty often, according to the amount of daylight outside and how much of it you’d like to get into your home. And it’s a terrible thing to ruin a special moment in your home by hearing the loud, annoying sound of a motor any time of the day. There are some motors that are completely silent, so you simply forget about this problem.

So, if you have decided to install some blackout shades for your house, we suggest you consider the possibility of getting a motorized blackout shades system and upgrade your home to a whole new level.