Motorized Cellular Shades: Reasons to Love them

Quite a lot of homeowners are turning to motorized cellular shades as they begin to realize their tremendous value and convenience. With this said, when you first take a glance at this particular feature, it may genuinely look like a novelty that you don’t need, but there is some serious merit when it comes to using it.

They are mainly convenient, and they bring a range of different benefits that you may want to take into consideration.

With this said, we’ve decided to take a look at the most common reasons for which people fall in love with them instantly.

They reduce the wear and tear on fittings and fabrics

The truth is that remotely controlled motorized system for all of your shades and blinds could seriously extend the lifespan of your window treatments. For once, you would have to be tugging them erratically or pulling the fabric that often.

When you rely on motorized solution, this entire process becomes a lot gentler and far less harmful for the solution. Of course, this is going to bring in some long-term value for your investment, making it worthwhile and considerable.

You can set your presents

Maybe you would like your motorized cellular shades to open halfway through at a specific moment throughout the day when you are not home. By setting certain presents, you’d be able to do so without any issues.

This is something far more valuable than you might be realizing at the moment. You see, this is capable of substantially enhancing the overall energy efficiency of your entire home. The reason for that is because shades are capable of keeping it cool throughout the day when you are away. You can set them to close down at a certain point throughout the day when the sun is the strongest, and this is going to prevent it from warming up the home as quickly.

On its own, this is going to prevent you from having to blast out the AC to keep down the temperature as quickly as you can.

The operation is truly quite

A lot of people are worried that this is something that’s going to make cranky and serious noises. Luckily for you, the technology is quite advanced, and there is little to no sound that you can expect when you are using motorized cellular shades.

When the motorized system is moving the blinds or the shades that you have, you will hear little to no noise at all. This is one of the most substantial merits to taking advantage of something of the kind.

They are great for hard-to-reach windows

This is one of the best advantages of using motorized cellular shades. Let’s face it – we all make decisions that we regret later on. And while it might have seemed like a great idea to make your windows so tall, it surely doesn’t seem so bright now, when you have to cover them with shades.

On the other hand, office windows are frequently from the floor to the ceiling and they are slightly challenging to handle when it comes to it. This is where motorized shades are particularly helpful. They would require absolutely no effort whatsoever for you to set them in the way you want to.

They are cordless

This is another thing that you should keep into in-depth consideration. While you might think that the hanging cord is never going to put someone in jeopardy, you are a bit wrong. The truth is that this is a choking hazard for both small kids and your pets.

The quicker you take care of this problem – the better. With this said, however, it is essential to understand that there are rarely any non-motorized solutions which are good looking and cordless. Motorized ones, on the other hand, could be very charming regarding appeal and still bring the convenience that no cord comes with.

Flexibility of the control

This is one of the most important of motorized solutions – they are particularly flexible when it comes to their controls. You can easily navigate the entire thing from your smartphone. There are integrations that you can take advantage of, and the majority of the manufacturers even have their own applications available for download.

This just goes to show how far ahead mobile technologies have pulled. This is something of tremendous importance as more and more people want to be able to handle a myriad of different things through their cell phones.

They are not that expensive

Now, even though they are going to cost you more than the average regular shades, you’d be surprised how affordable these systems truly are. There are quite a lot of different options, of course, that the consumer is capable of picking up, but there are genuinely affordable things for the average user to take advantage of.

Sure, as it is with every different thing, there are prices which are more than what you’d usually pay for window treatments. Some shoppers look for luxury and particularly high-end solutions.


The truth is that motorized cellular shades are quickly becoming far more than just an option or a commodity that only those who can afford it enjoy. They are becoming a regular solution for your window treatment issues, and they are on the verge of replacing the existing, non-motorized solution.

Automation is taking over almost every aspect of our lives, and our houses are no exception. People are eager to interact with appliances in ways in which they weren’t able to do so before. The same thing happens with cellular shades, and that’s why they are subjected to motorization and automation.

This is a hot trend at the moment and one that’s likely about to disrupt the entire industry.