Motorized Outdoor Shades

Take the curtains outside your home! Outdoor shades allow you to greatly reduce indoor heat, blocking up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays before they even get inside your home. They also allow just the perfect amount of visibility and light.

Shades serve a very important role at your home because they help to ambient a certain space, create different light sceneries, provide protection from the sun, and allow you to keep the necessary privacy to the inside of your home.

If you’ve decided to install some outdoor shades for your windows, we urge you to consider the possibility of getting a motorized outdoor shades system due to the great number of benefits it brings within, far surpassing the difference in costs.

Motorized outdoor shades systems represent an important innovation in solar control. You have the possibility of modifying the position of all outdoor shades, each one individually or in groups, controlling them all from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Technology has been showing some clear signs of growth in the window treatment industry during the last decade. A motorized system brings a wide range of benefits, while also dressing your home in the most beautiful way. There are three big reasons to why getting motorized outdoor shades can be your perfect choice, and they are convenience, safety, and style.

Regarding convenience, the advantage that comes with a motorized system becomes even more important when talking about outdoor shades if compared to indoor ones. You can simply control all of your windows with the touch of a button. Only one remote control lets you adjust the position of any of your outdoor shades. This is a huge plus for outdoor shades because you can forget about having to get outside for manually closing or opening the curtain. Apart from that, you can also set your outdoor shades to completely close, open, or move to a specific position at a certain hour automatically, without the need for you to be there. In this way, you can define the amount of light and heat that gets into your home from the outside at each point of the day while you’re at work. So you can find your house exactly how you want it to be when you come back.

In terms of safety, the main advantage is that a motorized system does not require any cords, allowing for a safer environment for children and pets. Also, with the possibility of setting your shades to open, close or simply move to an intermediate position automatically at any time of the day, you can introduce small variations in the way your shades move every day. By doing this, you can create a normal appearance of people being in the house all day long every day, or at least disguise the hours of the day in which there’s nobody home, and mislead or drive away potential thieves who are considering entering your home. This also works and is very helpful for when you and your family are away on vacations.

Regarding style, this system can represent an important modernization for your home. In a world that tends to get more and more automatized every year, it’s important to keep up and start turning your home into a smart and automated place.

Outdoor shades can also help you to reduce your utility bills considerably. By blocking light before it evens get inside your house, they are preventing a lot of heat to get into your home. This will help you reduce your utility bills a lot during hot summers. This is even more significant if you choose to install blackout shades, which block up to 99% of the sunlight and make a huge difference in the room temperature when it’s hot outside.

There are different models of motorized shades that you can choose from: from more simple mechanical motors driven by a switch to more complex ones that work with radiofrequency emitters. The latter are the ones providing the greatest comfort, of course, because if you are lying in bed watching a movie or on the couch reading a book, you are able to open or close the shades according to the amount of light you’d like without stopping what it is you’re doing and without moving from the place you’re at.

So, if you’ve already decided you’d like to have a motorized outdoor shades system at your home, how do you choose the best for you? There are many different possibilities to choose from and things you should consider.

The one thing that affects the cost of the whole system the most is the motor itself. The price range is wide, and so is the difference regarding quality. One thing that helps to define the motor quality is to check whether it’s silent or not. Motors in the low end of the price range are always noisy, which may not seem a whole deal at first, but the loud noise they produce every time can be annoying, especially if you decide to move your shades’ position many times a day.

Another thing that has to be considered is that since these motors are delicate machinery, they can get damaged, and for the case of motorized outdoor shades the weather conditions can also contribute to that. If the time comes when your motor gets damaged, you will be thankful if you’ve chosen a brand with a good reputation, warranty and customer service. All you need to do is call the manufacturer and they will most surely take care of everything. Unfortunately, this is not the case with any motor out there, since the ones in the lower end of the price range sometimes don’t offer all these things.

So, it can be concluded that choosing a better motor can result in a bigger initial investment, but tends to end up being cheaper in the long term, since you’re securing a robust system that will last for years to come, and in case something gets damaged, you will have no issue at all in solving the problem and getting it fixed.