Motorized Roller Shades

If you’re looking to add a classy and technological touch to your home for adjusting to the times we’re living in, then getting a motorized roller shades system might be perfect for you.

Motorized roller shades systems are a great innovation in solar control. They give you the possibility to modify the position of your roller shades, in groups or each one individually, controlling them all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Technology has shown impressive signs of growth in the window treatment industry during the last decade. A motorized roller shades system can provide you with a stylish, safe and convenient way to beautifully dress your home. The three big reasons why getting motorized roller shades can be a great idea for you are safety, convenience, and style.

Regarding safety, the best feature is that this system is operated without cords, creating a safer environment for your children and pets. You can forget about headaches caused by cords getting all tangled up as well.

When it comes to convenience, well… what is more convenient than being able to control all of your windows with the touch of a button? Just one remote control can let you adjust the position of all of your roller shades. Operating your home’s shades has never been this easy. Moreover, you can program each of your shades to open, close, or adopt one specific intermediate position automatically at a certain time of the day. And you don’t even need to be there; you can just set these things, and the roller shades will do it automatically even when you’re not home.

Finally, in terms of style, this system can modernize your home in ways you’ve never seen before. Imagine how amazed your friends can be when first looking at roller shades going up or down automatically at your home at a certain time?

Roller shades can usually come in lots of different versatile color options and different designs. From more functional and traditional to soft and modern designs, you should be able to choose that which looks best at your home. Regarding functionality, the most important decision you have to make is whether you want a light filtering roller shade or a blackout roller shade. Light filtering shades, as the name suggests, lets some light get through your windows and is usually perfect for living rooms. On the other hand, if total darkness is what you’re looking for, then you should consider getting blackout roller shades, which do not let any light go through at all.

As all traditional furniture and household items now tend to keep up with advances in technology, motorized roller shades’ popularity keeps growing more and more every day.  You may easily motorize your roller shades with an electrical track, and customize them so they have a central opening or a side opening.

As is the case with any investment you make, there are a few factors you should consider when thinking about upgrading your home with motorized roller shades:

  • Silent motor: this usually depends on the motor’s quality, and just like most things in life, it is directly proportional to its price: the higher price you’re willing to pay, more silent the motor will be. Silence in motors is an important factor because you would not like to ruin the whole beautifully designed system you’ve implemented by getting this annoying sound every time you decide to change the position of any of the shades.
  • Whether or not it has a “Touch Motion” function: this special feature allows you to activate the motor only by touching the shade. It adds for a great and classy touch to the whole thing.
  • Whether or not it has a “Memory” function: this other feature lets you memorize a specific shades position. You can create a scene with each of your shades at a specific position, whether it’s completely open, closed, or any intermediate position, and save it. Then you can always go back to that setting whenever you want.
  • Adjustable speed: this feature lets you set the speed on which you’d like the shades to move. You may want them to change position in a slow manner, or very fast, it’s up to you and what you prefer.
  • Motor overall quality: of course, it’s not only silence what you must look for in a motor, but also its overall quality. Motors are the most important and delicate part of the whole motorized roller shades system, and the ones situated at the lower end of the price range can deteriorate very soon. So, if you consider this to be a long-term investment for your home, you should probably spend a little more and make sure you get a motor that will continue to work for years to come.

So, how much do these things cost? Well, this depends a lot on a few factors like the number and size of the roller shades you’d like to motorize, and, of course, the motor type that you want to install. The motor is especially the one factor that alters the price the most. The ones at the lower end of the price range are available for maybe less than $150, but if you’re looking for silent motors, those are not available for less than $200. Besides them being silent or not, you also need to consider the motor’s overall quality that will basically define how long it will last for you. And, finally, don’t forget to consider customer service and warranty factors. These are delicate things that are not extremely easy to fix if they get damaged, so being covered by a warranty and having the chance to call the manufacturer so they can solve any issue you have is especially important.

So, if you’re willing to make an investment in order to technologically upgrade your home, then a motorized roller shades system might be exactly what you need. It would be pretty safe to assume that in the near future all window shades will be motorized for automatically set their positions, so you can simply stay one step ahead in home technology and amaze everyone.