Motorized Skylight Shades

Skylights make for a stylish way to open up a bathroom or a dark kitchen by allowing that beautiful open sky to get into the room. But they can also turn into a problem if they are not shaded: they can end up overheating the space and being counterproductive in the end if you consider that you may be paying more on utility bills and living in a more uncomfortable home in the end.

While a regular window usually catches the low-angle rays of the winter’s sun and limits the high-angled glare of the summer’s sun, a skylight window does the opposite thing.

So, how can you enjoy all the significant benefits of having a skylight but at the same time prevent your rooms from overheating and all of its undesirable effects?

Here we will review some of the things you can do.

Solar Glazing and Tinted Glass

To protect your rooms from direct sunlight’s bleaching effects, you can create a skylight shades’ effect with gray tinted glass. This will guarantee to block the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Another type of glass that works in reducing solar buildup is solar control glazing glass. It minimizes radiation and improves the energy efficiency. Finally, you may also consider using a low E glass, which has a very similar effect and is also efficient energetically.

Shades and Blinds

Skylight shades curtains are the simplest way for regulating the amount of light that gets into your room. One standard feature that comes with almost any skylight shade is comfort glazing, which can provide heat loss during the winter and insulation against heat build-up during the summer.

Keeping the room cooler is not the only benefit from using skylight shades. They also help by reducing glare on computer screens or televisions and control humidity in bathrooms, which is always welcome.

Now, what’s the biggest issue with installing shades for your skylights? That they have usually always been hard to reach. To open or close the blinds or shades, you either had to use your imagination by grabbing a telescoping pole or a crank or climb a ladder to reach the shade. Until now.

Motorized skylight shades have been growing in popularity during the last decade, and it’s effortless to see why. Within the world of motorized shades, skylight shades are considered to be the most useful ones, because it solves a specific problem that doesn’t exist for other windows: the fact that they are hard to reach. And now, with a motorized skylight shades system, you may change the position of the shades with just one button on the remote control.

Remote controls in motorized skylight shades systems usually let you open and control multiple shades at once from up to 200 feet away, which is undoubtedly more than what you need. Also, some systems come with the possibility for you to program your skylight shades to open, close, or take a specific intermediate position automatically at a particular time of the day. You may program this so that they change every day even if you’re not at home. For example, let’s say you have a skylight window in your bedroom and you’d like it to be closed during most of the day so that your room does not overheat. At the same time, you’d like it to be open during the last hour of sunlight so that the room receives a few rays of sunshine every day. But you always get back from work at evening, just when the sun is gone. Well, with an automated motorized skylight shades system you can set up the whole thing so that the skylight opens up in the morning when you wake up; then it closes when you go to work and remains that way until around 6 PM, when it automatically opens up again so that a little sunlight gets into the room. When you get back home, you’ll find your skylight open, but not overheated because it has been closed for most of the day.

If you’re already convinced about the possibility of getting a motorized skylight shades system now, we will tell you a bit about the things you should consider when analyzing the different possibilities you’ll come across.

First, it’s nice to find a silent motor for your system. This feature depends entirely on the quality of the motor, and is usually not found in motors that are at the lower end of the price range. A silent motor makes a significant difference to the overall experience of closing or opening your skylight shades, because some of them (the cheapest ones) can get very noisy, and you don’t want to ruin the whole beautiful skylight shades system you’ve implemented by having to listen to this annoying sound every time you hit the remote control button.

Secondly, you can check if the system you’re looking at has a “Memory” function. This feature gives you the possibility to memorize a specific shades position. We’re not talking about the specific position of one skylight shade, but all of them, or even other motorized roller shades you may have in your home. This lets you play and create light scenes you particularly like: combinations between specific positions of all of your shades. Once you like a particular scene, you can save it and then go back to that specific scene any time you like.

Finally, you have to consider the overall quality of the motor you’re going to buy. These are delicate things that can get easily damaged, so making an investment and spending a bit more in your motor can be a wise thing to do if you want your whole system to work properly for years to come.

A great motorized skylight shade can help you turn an ordinary room into something truly special. It provides a classy and technological touch to your home for adjusting it to the times we’re living in when everything is converting into more automatic.