Motorized Window Shades

Are you looking to re-decorate your home and protecting your privacy with some beautiful shades? It’s amazing how the addition of shades and a change of colors can completely convert the mood of your home. By creating an ambient, the shades also fulfill an important role in your comfort and your privacy. But, have you considered the possibility of getting some motorized window shades?

Advances in technology and a growing demand for interconnected and smart living environments have contributed during the last few years to raise a popular excitement in automatic homes. Set the temperature you want for your home, control your freezer, and, of course, control your shades, all with a simple remote control. Or even without any remote, you can set all of these things to work automatically at a certain hour and so your home just controls itself by its own while you are not even there.

Motorized window shades are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. You can motorize your window shades easily with an electrical track. They are usually available with a central or side opening and are discretely integrated to your interior design. You will be able to create your perfect decoration and ambient and move to a connected home.

And why should you get motorized window shades? Well, at first, you can forget about all those cables and strings that end up all tangled up. You can control the shades with only one click to protect your privacy and to avoid sunlight getting inside your house.

Some of the most notable benefits of a good motorized window shade are:

• Good motorized window shades have a completely silent motor which is also resistant and attractive.
• They flow smoothly and silently.
• Some good motorized window shades have a “Touch Motion” function, with which you only need to touch the shade to activate the motor.
• The motor is usually adaptable, so you can easily integrate it to the automation.
• Some motorized shades come with a Memory function, with which you can memorize your favorite position.
• Adjustable speed, for setting whether you prefer the shades to change position slowly or very fast.

Just imagine that your shades can read your mind and adjust automatically at the morning, afternoon and night, anticipating each moment of your day. That is the beauty of motorized window shades. It’s a spectacular innovation in solar control that in a silent way can allow you to change the position of shades individually or in groups wirelessly, controlling all of your shades from a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can just program your motorization system so that your shades move automatically by themselves to the exact position you want them to.

This technology has been able to grow in such a way that you can now find lots of motorized window shades that are extremely silent. Most brands also give you the possibility to move your shades individually or in groups. You can have the possibility of having each of them at the exact position you desire: up, down, or at an intermediate position, all just one click away without you getting up of your couch. You can also define the level of opening of its layers for getting more visibility or total privacy. Another interesting feature of this high-end technology is the ability to set your shades at the desired position even when you’re not home.

Creating different light scenes for your home is one wonderful experience. Some of these motorized window shades come with a specific app on which you can play with all possible shades configuration, opening or closing each one of them until you achieve the exact scene you were looking for.

Well, after reading all the amazing things that having a motorized window shades system at your home can give you, you probably would like to know how much it costs to install these things. The truth is that the answer may vary significantly according to a series of factors that include the motor type that you want if your window treatments are compatible with motorization or not, and the number and size of the windows you are seeking to give motorized shades to.

Among all these factors, the motor is the one that makes the most significant change to the cost the whole thing will take you. They start at the $150 price range and then they can go way higher than that. To get one of the motors on the lower end of the price range is always a temptation, but please remember that motorized window shades are investments that considerably enhance the livability and comfort of your home. So, if you think about it that way, to invest the money upfront for purchasing a high-quality system may save you lots of time, money and headaches in the end.

Moreover, the motors that are located at the lower end of the price range are practically in all cases those who come with shorter warranties and return policies. A five-year warranty might be enough for this kind of delicate investment, but anything less than that can be considered risky. They also tend to have more mechanical difficulties and are usually much louder, compared to some silent motors that you can find at higher prices.

A motorized track shade with radio-technology adds a very classy touch to your home. You can also add functions progressively as time goes by, without much work: scene creation, sun management, etc. And thanks to the automation, you can be able to manage all of your connected devices from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

So, if you’re looking to take your home to the next level and keep up with the high-end technology era we’re living in, investing in a motorized window shades system can be a great idea. Amaze all your friends and family when they take a look at what you’ve accomplished and set all the automation so that you find your home shades combining to form that particular exact scene that you want when you get back home.